2023, November 6th – November 19th | Coins, Jewelry & Collectibles Online Only Auction

Coins, Jewelry & Collectibles Online Only Auction


Numismatic Collections including, but not limited to, Multiple U.S. Mint Sets, Steel War Pennies, Rare Large One Cent, 1889 24K Gold Plated Indian Head Cent, Authentic Meteorite Piece, Jubilee Commemorative Crown Coin, Holy Land Ancient Roman Coin, V-Nickels, Barr Note, Buffalo Nickels, Rare Coins & More. Also includes Waterford Crystal, Lalique, Antique Glass Tiles, Antique Kraut Cutter, Antique Seed Stripper, Boy Scouts of America Official First Aid Kit, Dietz Vesta Lantern, 1929-1930’s Glasscock Coke Cooler Ice Box, 1930’s Era Medical Cabinet, Military Hats and more.

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