Affordable Lakefront Investment Homes for Sale; Selling a Private Lake House Waterfront Property in Temple, TX

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selling a lakefront home is that you are not just selling the structure; you are also selling the location. As a general rule you should focus your efforts towards a list of your buyer’s priorities including the lake itself, the shoreline and the casually relaxing lifestyle of living by the water. While the internet is inundated with advice on selling a home in a residential area, marketing and selling a lakefront home is an entirely different prospect!

Waterfront Property is a Great Investment! Tips for Selling Your Lake House

Following are some valuable tips to selling your lakefront property from the knowledgeable experts at Central Texas Auction Services.
Highlighting the Focal Point of the Property; the Lake: A prospective buyer that is showing genuine interest in your lakefront property will be drawn towards the water like a proverbial magnet. Make sure that the area leading to the water is well defined with welcoming and well-lit pathways.
Safety of Deck & Shoreline Construction: Make sure that the structures on your property such as decks and retaining walls are in good repair and safe and study. Make any necessary repairs and replacements before staging your property.
Shoreline Landscape Curb Appeal: Keep the shoreline clean by removing plastic bottles, trash and leaves. Push aquatic plants and other naturally occurring lake debris away from the shoreline and out into the lake.
Staging Your Lake Home for Sale: Prospective buyers are interested in purchasing a lake home for the lifestyle it can provide them and their families. To help reinforce their sense of enthusiasm and adventure you can begin placing items associated with the lifestyle such as kayaks, fishing equipment etc. in key locations as a reminder of what a great lakefront experience your home will bring them.
Lake Visibility: When prospective buyers enter your home for the first time, the first thing they will do is look for the best location in your home to view the lake. Make sure that the windows or sliding doors are well maintained and clean.
Virtual Marketing: Your Central Texas Auction Service real estate marking professional will create a virtual flyer designed to showcase every detail of your property along with the lake itself. Some of the highlighted details will include the size and depth of the lake, the types of recreation allowed on the lake, information pertaining to the Lake Association, public access, types of fish, plants and wildlife etc.

Selling a Lake Home Over the Holidays

When to sell your lake front property really depends on your individual goals. Questions you should be asking include: am I ready financially, emotionally and physically to list and sell my home? If you answered yes, the holiday season can be a perfect time to sell, and here’s why!
• Buyers who are interested in purchasing property during the holiday season are statistically serious buyers who are ready and willing to buy.
• Traditionally, there are fewer homes available for buyers to view during the holiday season which is good news for you if you are selling… less competition increases the potential for a successful sale.
• There is nothing more appealing than a home that is for sale and decorated for the holiday season, especially a lakefront home with a stunning view of the lake.
• Buyers have more time on their hands during the holiday season to view properties and are not as rushed as they are during the busier times of the year.

Buying & Selling Lake Front Homes & Property in Belton, Killeen, Temple & Central Texas

For more information regarding buying and selling property in Central Texas and the surrounding areas, contact the professional real estate agents and consultants at Central Texas Auction Services today.

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