Belton, TX Teen Becomes Youngest Licensed Auctioneer in the State of Texas & Newest Team Member of CTAS!

They say age is just a number, but there can be a lot of impressive accomplishments achieved at any age. Today Central Texas Auction Services would like to shine the spotlight on the youngest licensed auctioneer in Texas. A 13 year old from Belton, Texas that we know quite well has become the youngest Texas licensed auctioneer. Thomas Gallaway, son of Trey Gallaway (owner and auctioneer) is the newest member of Central Texas Auction Services. His official position is Technology Manager/Associate Auctioneer and we are overjoyed to have him join our team.

Youngest Licensed Auctioneer in Texas

Just as you see displayed on popular reality auctioneering shows or from your own experience; the fast talking, energy pumping, and crowd pleasing auctioneers can really make anyone’s day. This is especially true when you successfully win your prize at the attended auction. But even if you don’t, auctioneers make it a fun and memorable experience for all. Thomas Gallaway is just as good (if not better) than many auctioneers twice his age! And the crowds are equally enthused about his performance and professionalism if not more with the added impressiveness of his youth. Gallaway proudly proclaims that he has been doing auctioneering since he was “little”, at the age of 4. Most people he meets take note of his polite and quiet demeanor, but the moment a microphone is in his hands and he steps in front of a crowd of bidders, the auctioneering spirit is set loose and it is a delight to see him in action. With the lightning quick rhythm of calling out bidding running in the family, it’s no wonder why this young auctioneering prodigy is so amazing.

How Thomas Gallaway Became a Licensed Auctioneer

Thomas is currently an 8th grader at North Belton Middle School within the Belton school district where he explores his other talents by playing the saxophone, performing in theater, and excelling in academics. His passion for auctioneering began when he started clerking for his father’s business. Under normal conditions, the auctioning academy only accepts applicants 18 years of age and older, but Thomas’s mother, Julie, agreed to sit in on the class and act as chaperone so Thomas could attend. Plans changed though and the spell of auctioneering also enchanted her. Practicing drills and tongue twisters alongside her son, instead of being there for support, she too completed the course and has become a licensed auctioneer. Thomas’ father Trey, who is a Texas State Champion and World Champion Auctioneer title holder has also enjoyed helping Thomas learn his auction chant. With the family taking the auctioneering world by storm, even Thomas’s younger 9 year old brother is expressing interest in the family trade.

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Thomas expresses his interest in working as an auctioneer. Although being only 13 years of age, he is not certain if this will be a lifelong pursuit or if he will look into other career choices. But for now, Texas’ youngest auctioneer is having a blast, captivating auction attendees and doing what he enjoys. If you are looking to attain treasures from an auction, or wanting to auction some unwanted possessions of your own, trust in Central Texas Auction Services and the Gallaway family to assist you! Contact us to learn more and check out our upcoming auctions!

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