Determining Asking Price When Selling Farm Land Via Conventional Real Estate Listing or Reserve Price at Auction in Belton, TX

The knowledgeable professionals at Central Texas Auction Services have the experience needed to ensure that you receive the most for your land sale. There are some important factors we take into consideration when it comes to evaluating the potential of the farmland you may be interested in selling. Some of the key elements Central Texas Auction Services examines are as follows.

Neighboring Farms in the Area

When it comes to buying and selling, knowledge and experience both play a major role and some of the aspects that our evaluation team look for include the neighborhood where the land is located. Location can have a positive or negative affect even though this may have little to do with the actual land itself. Recent land prices in the area will also play a major role as buyers and sellers alike will be monitoring the local area for comparative pricing. Other areas of interest include the historical productivity of the land in comparison to the surrounding areas. Even if the soil is comparable, the yield of the land may be lower because of the way the land was “worked” for example differing levels of experience and use of technology, along with differing opinions of farming practices between prior owners.

Other Factors Determining the Farmland Asking Price

Some of the elements that our experienced real estate land evaluators consider when evaluating land are the economic viability of the farm, the amount of available storage and farm maintenance especially in terms of the existing structures such as storage sheds, barns and the farmhouse itself. Reputation also plays a key factor with buyers especially when it comes down to potential buyers who are looking at the purchase as an investment opportunity. Advertising is very important to garner interest especially if the property is in an area that the investor is unfamiliar with. The staff at Central Texas Auction Services live and work here. We know the State of Texas and how best to market your property!

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If you plan to sell in the immediate future, there is no time like the present! Land values are still strong but it is important to remember that land prices differ greatly from those even just a year or so ago. Selling a farm can be challenging which means that you need to attract as many potential buyers and investors as possible. You will need a firm that is dedicated to providing you with the service you require and with the proven track record to bring serious investors to the selling table. Good marketing is the key element to ensuring that the sale is successful and on the higher end of the market value. The professionals at Central Texas Auction Services are the experts in all areas of farm management, marketing and investments. We work diligently on your behalf and have the reputation and experience to get you the results that you are looking for. If you are looking for a conventional real estate sale or auction service, contact our friendly real estate and support staff today. Our auctioneers, realtors, real estate agents and support staff offer expert research, advertising, cataloging and detailed inventory to help ensure that your sale from start to finish is a complete success.

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