How to Get Your Rural House & Lot of Land Ready to Sell in Temple, TX; Checklist for Prepping Your Property

If you have a piece of rural property that you are thinking about selling, you want to have it ready to avoid delays are unnecessary carrying costs. There are several steps that can be taken that don’t require that much work, but can go a long way in preparing your property for listing. Central Texas Auction Services would like to share some tips to get your piece of rural property ready to put on the market!

Prepping Your House for Sale & Getting Your Property Ready to Sell Checklist

If your rural property has a home on it, you need to get that ready first and foremost. Here are some ideas:
1. Clean up the Porch– Sometimes the front porch can be a catch-all. You don’t want a cluttered front porch to be the first thing potential buyers see. If it doesn’t belong there, move it and put it away.
2. Trim Landscaping– If there are any flowerbeds or other landscaping around the home, make sure it is trimmed. Put new bark down around the bushes and flowers to give them a neater, cleaner look. Trim any bushes that are looking overgrown so that they look well kempt.
3. Keep Lawn Maintained– Stay on top of the grass in the yard. Keep it short and trimmed. This will make it more appealing to buyers.
4. Fix Repairs Throughout House– You want the home to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. If there are small repairs that need to be done around the house, get those done before placing the house on the market.

Keep Barns, Sheds, Equipment & Fences on Property Well Maintained

Don’t forget about the barns, sheds and other buildings that may be on the property.
1. Pick Up Any Trash in Barns– Keep your barns neat and clean. Pick up any trash and other debris that is laying around any barns and sheds.
2. Make Arrangements for Animals During Showing– If you have any animals that will be a problem during showing, make arrangements for them when you are having open houses or showing the property.
3. Store Farm Equipment Correctly– Don’t leave your farm equipment laying around the property. Neatly store it so it looks organized.
4. Trim Fence Lines– Clean up the fence lines. Especially around the home and other buildings on the property. This will give the property a finished look.

Prepare Open Land for Selling

It is likely on a rural property, that you will have a lot of open land. You shouldn’t forget about this part when preparing the property for sale. Pick up any trash and other debris that you find on the property. Don’t leave old tires or broken equipment laying around. You may also want to have any excess brush burned or cleared out before you put the property up for sale. If you have a pond or stream on the property, make it visible to buyers. Many people are interested in having some sort of water on their property.

Selling Rural Property in Belton, Killeen, Temple & Central Texas

If you are preparing your rural property for selling, don’t forget to look into selling it at auction. Central Texas Auction Services has years of experience to get your property sold at a good price and quickly. Call for information on upcoming real estate auctions today!

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