Raw Land for Sale; Tips for Buying Undeveloped Land in Killeen & the State of Texas to Build a House and/or Investment Property

Raw land is land is in its natural state, meaning there have been no manmade improvements such as clearing, grading, digging or cleaning etc.The idea of purchasing some raw land and custom building your own home as well as designing the property, landscape, and overall layout of the property appeals to many people. But what exactly does buying the raw land entail? Buying raw land in Texas may seem easier said and than done, and today we at Central Texas Auction Services would like to list some tips when you go looking for your own little slice of heaven in raw land ownership.

Purposes of Buying Raw Land; To Build a House, Investment Property or Other Reasons

There is much to think about when buying your own raw land; why you want it, the budget you have, searching for the ideal location, and so on. Determining the basics can make the process easier. For example; if you want a piece of raw land for ranching purposes, getting the raw land next to the golf course may not be so ideal. Focusing on why you want the raw land can help you weed out the unlikely candidates so you can focus on the land that will best serve your needs.

Raw Land Budget & Loans

Budget is another big one. Not only do you have to factor the buying price, carrying costs and so on, but you will also have to plan on conversion costs for sewers, water, gas, and electric accommodations. Then if you intend on building a home, you will have to plan on the budget for construction and so forth. Work out your budget before you shop to avoid wasting time on raw land that is out of your reach. Now that you know the basics, you can start your search for the raw land that you will need. Know the local zoning and ordinances before you get too deep to make certain your plans can be legally executed on the raw land you finally purchase.

Property Landowner Easement, Rights of Way & Other Rights & Responsibilities

Along with the sewer, and other utilities that will need to be included in development costs, you will want to know the roads and topography of the land. Know if you will be responsible for road installation as well as whether the land is in anyway linked to an easement. Understanding your rights as the property owner as well as any environmental restrictions that might be impeded on the raw land is imperative.

Questions for Current Landowner

After finding a few optimal properties, prepare some questions for the current landowner.
– Is the lot buildable?
– Any portions of land designated for wetlands or floodplain?
– Homeowner association fees?
– Environmental restrictions?
– Water rights?
– Utility lines?
It’s also a great idea to take a drive to see the land for yourself. Look for structures, fence lines, and so on that might belong to neighbors or the land itself and find out any pertinent details. Explore the terrain, talk to neighbors and even arrange to spend the night on a camp out to make sure it will be a right fit for you.

Buying Raw, Underdeveloped Land in Belton, Killeen, Temple & Central Texas

If you find a prospective piece of raw land that is appealing and fits your requirements, speak with an attorney and have him find out all the legal obligations on the land. Also check out Central Texas Auctions Services upcoming raw land auctions where you can remove much of the headache and still acquire raw land with competitive bidding!

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