Buying & Selling Commercial Real Estate Property Auctions

Central Texas Auction Services is a full service auction firm and real estate company. We specialize in an assortment of subject matters including industrial equipment, business liquidation, automobiles, estates, residential and commercial real estate sales, and so much more. At Central Texas Auction Services, we personalize each auction and ensure our individual time and energy goes into each sale. We believe that with diligence, customer service, and our proven methods; each of our auctions will be a success.

Buying Commercial Properties at Auction

Central Texas Auction Services includes commercial real estate auctions for our business savvy customers looking to expand their empire or even those just starting out for the first time. Our goal is to help you find property throughout the Central Texas area.

Benefits of Commercial Real Estate Property Auctions for Buyers

Buyers seeking commercial property in the Central Texas area benefit greatly by utilizing Central Texas Auction Services. Some of these advantages include:
– Making wise investments. You know that the all properties start at true market value and the process is dictated through competitive bidding.
– Buyers do not have to worry about flaky sellers. They can be assured that sellers are committed to the sale of the commercial property.
– During the auctions, multi property showings can help buyers successfully obtain the commercial property most optimal for their needs.
– Avoid the long term negotiation process with quick to the point bidding.
– Buying commercial properties through an auction helps you get the property far quicker than traditional methods.
– Buyers know the purchase and closing dates, eliminating much of the guess work.
– Buyers are assured that all bidders are being treated fairly with the same terms being applied to everyone.

Selling Commercial Real Estate Property at Auction

We also enjoy serving current commercial property owners looking to relocate or relinquish their current location. Central Texas Auction Services completes the commercial real estate selling experience not only by selling properties effectively through our auctions, but with our experienced and expert realtors, commercial properties have even more opportunities for a favorable outcome.

Benefits of Commercial Property Auctions for Sellers

Commercial real estate auctions are highly beneficial to sellers with Central Texas Auction Services. Some of these advantages are included in the following list below.
– Buyers come to the commercial real estate auction prepared to buy.
– You will be able to quickly dispose and sell your commercial real estate property quickly, which significantly reduces the long term carrying costs such a maintenance, taxes, and other related fees and -expenditures.
– Ensure your Central Texas commercial property will sell at fair market value or more.
– With Central Texas Auction Services aggressive marketing and advertising techniques and methods, as well as realtor experience; your commercial property is exposed to a large number of pre-qualified prospective buyers.
– Property sale is accelerated compared to traditional methods.
– With competitive bidding, the buyers dictate the prices without negotiate the seller to drop prices.
– All buyers are pre-qualified with their own financing options thus eliminating the number of buyers that fall through.
– Sellers know the day of the sale.
– Avoid excessive property show and tells.
– Sellers are removed from the negotiation process.

Buying & Selling Commercial Real Estate Property Auctions in Belton, Killeen, Temple & Central Texas

Whether you are buying or selling, Central Texas Auction Services can help you with your commercial property needs. Contact our office today to get started!

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