Tips for Buying a Country Home in Killeen, TX; Rural Utilities, Acreage & Property Land Access Management

Is it your dream to move out of the city and into more open country? Central Texas Auction Services has some helpful tips to guide you in your search to your future dream home. For those of you who have never lived in a rural area but rather have lived in the city most of your life; there are some practical things you may not have considered. We hope to make you more aware of these things during your pursuit.

Country Home Property & Land Access Management

Texas land plots can have a very large range in land. Sometimes road access is shared between you and your neighbor. Knowing your land boundaries is essential in maintaining your portion of the road on your personal property. Weather conditions can damage and make roads inaccessible, so having a proper vehicle is important in this event.

Rural Well Water & Sewer Pump Systems

Rural country water is not brought in the same way as city water. Most of the time country homes use wells where water is pumped directly from the ground. It’s wise to have your water tested for any mineral and sediments in the water that can cause illness. It may be an investment, but is well worth it to make sure your water is safe to drink. Wells should be treated with water softeners often to keep water quality high. Homes in the city are connected to water and sewer systems maintained on a county or city level. Country homes may not have this luxury. More than likely a country home will use a septic system. Some older rural homes have smaller septic systems, so be sure your current septic tank can handle the number of occupants in your home.

Country Home Power and Internet

Country homes are most often serviced by power lines. In the event power lines are damaged through storms or accidents, power can be down for some time. Have on hand a backup power system. Gas or electrical generator can become a lifeline. Keeping a stash of firewood is recommended if power is lost in the winter so that you still have a source for heating your home. Internet speed can be somewhat of a problem. Most rural areas use old phone lines which were installed or upgraded back in the 1960’s. This will limit actual download speed to your home. Due to the vast distance between homes, sometimes upgrades are overlooked. Check and see the last time lines where updated to know what to expect in terms of internet connection in an existing home.

Rural Area Trash Removal

Trash disposal differs from area to area. Unlike the city where you simply take your garbage to the curb, rural trash disposal varies. You may find your local garbage company only comes every other week or once a month and sometimes not at all. In this case you will need to know where the local landfill is located and dispose of your garbage personally. Many country dwellers will elect to do composting and /or burn most of their yard waste and paper.

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Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life for a more peaceful country home is desirable for many people. When pursuing this dream take a look into the day to day life you desire. Do your homework on the prospective homes you are considering buying. Central Texas Auction Services is happy to provide you with basic information in helping you begin your search for that perfect country home as well as personally guiding you through the process from start to finish. Contact us today to learn about available properties!

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