About Us

Central Texas Auction Services is a full service auction company with the experience and capability of conducting any type of auction at the location of your choice. To ensure the maximum dollar return and an orderly transfer of property, our seasoned staff assists in preparing equipment, furnishings and property to be sold. We offer comprehensive research, cataloging and detailed inventory and auctioning of personal property and real estate. This personalized hometown touch is what sets Central Texas Auction Services above the rest.

Full Auction Marketing to Interested Buyers

We offer complete liquidation or cash purchase. Without a gathering of buyers, any auction efforts are futile which is why Central Texas Auction Services offer a complete marketing effort for each and every auction we hold. This includes careful attention to all details of advertising and promotion. Central Texas Auction Services produce a media campaign blitz and a wide distribution of sales brochures of individual property designed to reach the largest number of potential purchasers. We strive to give you exactly what you need from an auction service: maximum results.

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Some of the reasons why you should call Central Texas Auction Services include:

Professionalism – Leading the Texas auction industry since 1998, our staff of auctioneers, support office staff, realtors and real estate agents have decades of experience at producing impressive results.

Customer Driven Focus – Our one-on-one personalized treatment of our clients and customers has proven time after time, to ensure successful sales and satisfied buyers. Through open, upfront communication and simple, efficient procedures, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to help you with your next auction.

Relevancy – As a Central Texas auction leader, we utilize all of the most up-to-date technology in facilitating our auctions and day-to-day operations. This includes specialized customer contact databases and an effective informational website.

Photo of Trey Gallaway

Trey Gallaway

  • Owner/Auctioneer

2010 Texas State Champion Auctioneer
2013 World Champion Automobile Auctioneer
2019 Texas Team Champion
2022 Texas Team Champion
2023 Texas Lonestar Open Bid Calling Contest Champion
2024 Texas Auctioneer Hall of Fame Inductee

Licensed Texas Auctioneer

Licensed Texas Realtor

Photo of Thomas Gallaway

Thomas Gallaway

  • Operations Manager & Controller

Licensed Texas Auctioneer

Photo of Nicole Torres

Nicole Torres

  • Office Manager & Real Estate Auction Coordinator

Licensed Texas Realtor

Photo of Jarrod Young

Jarrod Young

  • Auction Manager

Photo of Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith

  • Auction Coordinator

Photo of Trey Jett

Trey Jett

  • Auction Coordinator

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