Real Estate Property Auctions; Traditional & Foreclosure, Residential & Commercial

Central Texas Auction Services is a full service auction company that specializes in heavy construction equipment, industrial equipment, business liquidation, auto auctions, estate auctions, and so much more. For each one of our customers wanting to sell their treasures, we aggressively reach a targeted audience. We market and advertise to potential bidders to get maximum exposure in an effort to help you sell your items. Our experienced auctioneers and support staff are well trained and extraordinarily skillful to perform all the aspects of your auction event to ensure it is a success.

Licensed Real Estate Agents

Central Texas Auction Services has a unique advantage when it comes to commercial and residential properties. We can help consumers buy and sell properties efficiently as we are not only an exceptional auction company but we are also a real estate company and include real estate agents on our staff. With our specialty in real estate we can help property owners sell their commercial and residential real estate quickly and help those looking to find and buy the right property by having multiple properties with owners committed to sell.

Advantages of Real Estate Property Auctions for Sellers

Central Texas Auction Services residential and commercial real estate auctions are highly beneficial for those looking to sell for a number of reasons. Our experts are not only experienced in the field, but with our successful auctions generating so much interest, many prepared buyers come ready and are eager to make a sale. Additional advantages include, but are in no way limited to the following:
– With the quick selling options of auctions, owners don’t have the responsibility of the long term carrying costs that include taxes and maintenance charges among others.
– With Central Texas Auction Services, you will have the assurance your commercial and residential property will sell at minimum of true market value. And with competitive bidding, you will have the potential of making additional profits.
– Exposes the commercial and residential property to a large number of pre-qualified buyers that are already set for financing and ensures that the property is aggressively marketed to increase visibility and interest.
– Owners know when the commercial and residential real estate property will sell with accelerated dates, without having to worry about unscheduled showings and the negotiation process.

Advantages of Real Estate Property Auctions for Buyers

Central Texas Auction Services not only is interested in making a commercial and residential owner’s experience a success, but we want our buyers to have a good experience as well. We strive to help our bidders find fair price deals when looking to own commercial and residential real estate. Buying commercial and residential real estate properties through Central Texas Auction Services auctions can include, but is not limited to the following:
– Smarter investments as you know properties start bidding at fair market value and you know owners are committed to selling their properties.
– With competitive pricing, buyers dictate the final price they are willing to spend.
– Buyers have the ability to see multiple properties at the same time, reducing time to purchase property and all purchasing and closing dates are known.
– All buyers are treated fairly.

Real Estate Property Auctions; Traditional & Foreclosure, Residential & Commercial in Belton, Killeen, Temple & Central Texas

No matter if you are in the market for a commercial or residential property or looking to sell, utilizing the expertise of Central Texas Auction Services is the most ideal way to go. Call us today to get started!

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